Tears that flow will go

high and low
come and go
tears travel mile
to wait for smile
the shifting of emotion
feels like 4D motion
everything else is clueless
as if the world is heartless
cheerful drumbeat resumes
leaves remain still
you may say the world is cruel
or I am a fool
I should know by now
nothing stays
not even a creature without a soul
tears that flow will go
the same day
will not stay
so enjoy the high and low
before they go

Gold Music🌟Phoenix

My husband surprised me with my favourite band CD-Phoenix

They are just perfect.

Whether you are in the mood for a chill or feels, or if you just want to space out and think about absolutely nothing, they are the one💕

The vocal Thomas Mars does not annoy me even after a millionth time of repeat.

Let’s be honest, we all have songs that we initially love but eventually get so sick of.

I have listened to them for the past 5 years and still obsessed🙏

also Wolfgang Amadeus won the Best Alternative Music Album in 2009 Grammy, so if that is not enough for you to listen, I don’t know what is ; )

Please will you do me a favour and have a listen😇🌟😍

These are my fav:

1. Armistice (absolute eargasm)

2. Lasso

3. Too young

4. Lisztomania