Will anyone spare 10 minutes to help me out with my dissertation?

It is an anonymous survey.

I am interested in seeing how interpersonal concerns affect interactions between different groups.

Please if you can help out, I would be extremely grateful x


the best present in the world

you can drive down hundreds of lanes
to find the last parking spot
you can squeeze through thousands of people
walk down dozens of isles
to reach the last item on shelf
you can work days and nights
to earn piles of paper notes
but you still cannot afford
this present
that is being present

Being present for those stressful lives
Being present for those lonely nights
Being present for those teary eyes

thank you for being present
when i did not want to be present


Some days I just don’t understand 

Why can’t we all just get along 

Why can’t people just greet everyone with open arms 

Why are we so divided 

Why are we keeping distance from each other 

Why are we not speaking 

Why are we not friends 

Why are we so anxious about people who are different 

Why are we so caught up with our own identity 

But so fed up with others’ from outwards 

Why are we so obsessed with our boundary