friend in gold

Have you ever met someone who is so gold and pure but lives in a different country?
I am thinking of a dear friend, and I desperately miss her.
I don’t even know if I can find someone like her again.
someone so caring, kind, smart, inspiring, loving, and encouraging
to me, you are the perfect friend I have always wanted in my life.
I am sad we don’t live in the same country anymore.
It is true that real friends don’t ever drift apart
but it is also true that even with long arms, I cannot reach you when we are an ocean apart,

and I just really want to give you a hug
on your birthday today 

Calm before the storm

it is very quiet where I am, and I’m very happy about it.
Am I the only one who doesn’t watch the semi-final?
There’s no point in spending 2 hours on something I don’t understand🤷🏻‍♀️
I feel like I can do something crazy in the 2 hrs🧟‍♂️ (while everyone else is watching the game)
As much as I don’t follow the trend, I am still curious:
What is your World Cup final team?🌟🧐

I feel too young

“Tonight everything is over
I feel too young”

As I opened another job post on Indeed, I heard these lyrics and thought: these cannot be more relatable.
A sense of confusion, worry, and hopelessness emerged.
I don’t know how to describe it, but I feel stuck.
I feel so close to my dream, but yet so far.
I don’t know where I stand.
Sometimes I feel like I have worked so hard, and surely I can accomplish that.
but sometimes, like tonight, I feel too young.
I am not a kid anymore, but I still feel like one.
Being here and there is tiring.
Inconsistent feelings about myself makes moving forward more difficult.
Everyone keeps telling me, “you just gotta start somewhere”
but what if I cannot find somewhere to start?
Where is somewhere?
Getting married means your life is not just about you.
Decisions are based on two, not one.
Finding jobs nearby each other, a place to live, a community if we are lucky etc.
Years ago, I saw life in a linear equation. Whatever brought me happiness, I went for it.
Today, I wish I could still say, I “am” too young.
Instead, I “feel” too young, but feeling is not a good enough excuse for a bad life decision.

Spent the Sunday fighting this heat 🤯

Ok I decided that I hate this heat
When will there be AC everywhere in England? (Internally whispering: u can dream mate)😭
we tried to find a proper fan but everywhere was shut by 5pm.
Nevertheless, we made our way to Newmarket where heat was just as draining🙈
Thank you The Pantry for being patient and letting us stay for long (I really just wanted the AC😂)
We gave up on the fan hunt and came home to clean.
The flat has got a lot tidier and cleaner, but my sweaty ass has got sweatier.
The shower is still broken, so I am sorry world if I stink around you.
Don’t worry I won’t make my way to you anytime soon😏 you can sleep well tonight 🌟Alright here’s the end of my rant🧟‍♂️ bye